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For everyone

1. Do you have parking?
In front of the entrance of the building, on VEF territory, there is an Euro Park parking lot. Price: 1.00€/h. A monthly subscription is available for 30.00€. There are also many opportunities to park your car near the building for free: shopping center "Domina Shopping", Krimuldas, Ūnijas and Brīvības streets.


2. Can we host our events at your studio?


For students

1. How to sign up for a class?
There are 2 ways:

  • Through the Spaces by Wix app by registering there

  • Through our website, in the "Schedule" section.


2. How to cancel your registration for a class?

There are 3 ways:

  • Through the Spaces by Wix app, by registering there

  • By contacting trainer of the class you signed up for

  • By contacting the studio administration via messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp) or by phone +37123308375 (Monday-Friday 11:00-19:00)

Cancellation of registration for the class must be done at least 6 hours before the class begins!


3. What to wear to the first lesson?
Any sportswear that you feel comfortable in will do. It can be either leggings or shorts, or even a bodysuit. Tank top or T-shirt for the top. We MUST wear knee pads! 
If you don't have knee pads yet, you can rent them at the studio (1.00€).


4. Do you have trial classes?

Our studio has the option to come to any open class once (section "Schedule and registration" on the website). The price of one lesson is 12€.Free trial lessons are only available during open days (one to several times a year). Follow us on social media so you don't miss out!


5. Age restrictions
Classes can be attended upon reaching the age of 18, or with written permission from parents - from the age of 16.


One-time reservations

1. How can I make a reservation?
It is possible to make a reservation by contacting the studio administration via messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp) or by phone +37123308375 (Monday-Friday 11:00-19:00). It is also possible to cancel the reservation by contacting us, but no later than 12 hours before the booked time.


2. How do I know that my reservation is successful?
The reservation is considered confirmed only after the full payment amount has been deposited into our bank account. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the amount is refundable only if you report the cancellation no later than 12 hours before the booked time.


3. Do you have equipment for photo and video making?
We do not position ourselves as a photography studio, but we do our best to provide you with facilities that are suitable for creating visual works. High ceilings, photo backgrounds, multi-colored lighting, pleasant daylight - we have it all. In five-minute walk from Illusion Space there is one of the largest providers of photo and video equipment rental services - (Brīvības street 137b).


4. Does the reservation prices depend on the number of people?

No. Reservation prices change depending on the number of people only for our Club Members.


5. Is it possible to see the premises before making a reservation?
We can show you the premises both during the working week and on weekends! Choose the time that suits you best and contact us!



For club members

1. How many hours in advance can I cancel my reservation?

Not later than 12 hours before the reserved time - "FREEDOM" tariff, not later than 6 hours before the reserved time - "GOLD" tariff.

2. How do I make a permanent reservation (for 2 months or more)?

Times for permanent reservations must be discussed with the administration.

3. Can several club members be in a dance  hall at the same time?


4. Won't we disturb each other?

No, because everyone is understanding and respects each other! Everyone can wear headphones, and there is enough space in the halls!

5. What if I want to be alone in a dance hall?

Then you have to make a reservation.

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